Our Cultures, Our Identities

The first season will explore the diverse cultures and rich history of Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, as told by the native Ugandans to help us understand the cultural structures that have an impact on individuals’ attitudes and beliefs. It will have 9 episodes, each being 30 minutes long and focussing on different cultural practices. So far, 3 episodes are complete:

1. Community and Bond: This episode was filmed in Gulu district with the focus on the Acoli people. The themes covered here were those of communal living, music & dance, channels of traditional education (Wang Oo), and reconciliation and re-integration (mato oput) 

2. The North Eastern Heights: This is the second episode of the documentary series that was about the Karamojong people of Moroto district. It explored the concepts of marriage & dowry, gender roles, nonverbal communication cues, and social networks.

3. Resolute: The Baganda are the focus of this 3rd installment with the content gathered from Mpigi and Kampala. The cultural aspects visited in this episode are those of herbal medicine, food & dressing, coming of age initiation rituals, and death.

The series will look at how the different cultural aspects like; traditional ceremonies, Folklore, Music & Dance, Traditional Religion and Spirituality, Customs & Norms, e.t.c, were practiced before the influence of Westernization, and how they are practiced today.

The next episodes will be announced on the website upon completion!